The museum

The Norwegian National Museum of Justice has the task of documenting the output of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security of museological interest. The museum is funded through the state budget. Projects are also funded through partners. The museum is a foundation.

Our key areas of interest are the courts, police, prosecutors, and the correctional services. The museum’s main goal is to secure the documentation of judicial material, through the collecting and safekeeping of objects within the museum itself, as well as registering objects stored by other institutions.   

Our intended audience is the general public, especially the young through collaboration with schools. The underlying idea in all of the museum’s educational work is to convey the law’s positive function in society, and the idea that loyalty to the rule of law is connected to loyalty to the community, as well as the individuals within that community. The museum’s hope is that this will have a preventive effect.


Eva Furseth

Eva Furseth

Conservator and education coordinator

Tlf. 73 50 03 05 / 408 85 015

Hilde Haaverstad Olsø

Hilde Haaverstad Olsø

Collection administrator/Conservator

Tlf. 73 89 92 03 / 907 66 545



Pensjonert stabssjef/politioverbetjent, Magnar Skaret Nestleder regiondirektør Jorid Midtlyng


Professor Øyrehagen Sunde

Personlig vara Professor Erik Opsahl 


Professor emeritus Lars Fredrik Stenvik 

Personlig vara førsteamanuensis Jon Anders Risvåg


Tidligere politisjef ved Trondheim politistasjon Ove Sem 

Personlig vara tidligere politioverbetjent Knut Sivertsen


Plan- og utviklingssjef Petter Søholt.

Personlig vara seksjonssjef i Seksjon for kriminalitetsbekjempelse Astrid Borge 


Ansattrepresentant museumsformidler Pål Ødegård 

Personlig vara samlingsforvalter Hilde H. Olsø


Førstestatsadvokat Bjørn Kristian Soknes

Personlig vara statsadvokat Per Morten Schjetne.