Propaganda - National Unity’s posters 1933-1945

Propaganda has taken different forms at different times through history. The exhibition Propaganda shows the National Unity Party's propaganda posters made before and during World War II. Now available online!

National Unity (Nasjonal Samling - NS) was founded in 1933. The party oriented itself towards nazism and facism early on, and was preoccupied by Norse culture and history. Before the Nazi-German occupation the NS had little support, but in the fall of 1940 it became the only legal party in Norway.

The NS placed great value on propaganda, which was spread via newspapers, radio, film and prints. Propaganda posters were considered one of the strongest mediums.

These posters might seem outdated today. Our contemporary propaganda has found other forms and mediums, but the basic idea is the same: Simple explanations are put forward with great force. Nuances and objections are not possible. There is no room for interpretations. It is easy to tell friend from foe.

With the exhibition Propaganda the Museum of Justice wishes to make it easier to recognise propaganda in our time as well.

Interview with curator Eva Furseth (Norwegian only)

See the online version here